Translation is a tool for intercultural communication, an engine for understanding and an essential resource in a globalised world. For over 25 years we have been helping to open markets, to share knowledge and to transmit information in more than 30 languages around the world.

Traditext, SL is a linguistic services company specialising in translation, proofreading and linguistic advice.

The company was founded in Barcelona in 1991 as a result of the desire of a group of enthusiastic professionals to offer a first class integrated service. Since then, technology, our working methods and the way in which we share experiences and knowledge have evolved, but our objective remains the same as it was on the first day of business: to achieve not only good translations, but also texts which read as truly genuine in the target language. Over the years, we have gathered a team of expert linguists and professionals specialising in various fields, who have helped us to consolidate our standing as a reliable and thorough translation partner for public institutions, professional offices, educational centres, foundations and companies from diverse sectors. They have all placed their trust in us and they are the best quality guarantee for our future clients.

We understand multilingual communication as a global process, which requires a broad view that is not limited to the simple translation or revision of a text.

We adapt our work to the characteristics of each client. We establish a fluid line of communication to resolve queries, to contextualise the writing and to integrate the translations into a historic record, allowing us to maintain uniformity in terms of terminology and style in the future. From the outset we have upheld a practice of double revisions as the only possible guarantee of quality: all the texts are proofread by a second linguist, who resolves any possible doubts before delivering the definitive document. This desire to provide rigorously good service is rewarded by our clients’ extremely high satisfaction levels, which are a great source of motivation and pride for us.

We are exclusively dedicated to the translation and revision of texts in multiple sectors. In order to satisfy the highly specialised needs of many of our clients, over the years we have gathered a team of excellent professionals for specific fields, including engineering, law, architecture, marketing, finance and social sciences. We assign the translation of any text, without exception, to a professional or group of professionals with the necessary sector knowledge to match the characteristics of the documentation to be translated. This allows us to establish a fluid and productive line of communication between the professional, Traditext and the client to resolve any issues which may arise and to deliver a perfectly validated text.